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The Downtown Eastside Community Play is a co-production of the Carnegie Center Association and Vancouver Moving Theatre working in cooperation with a host of downtown eastside organizations. This model of a community play involves many community members and a small core of theatre professionals from a variety of cultural traditions working together to create a play for and about their community.


January-May: Storygathering, writing and research.


April-July: A variety of free workshops provided (acting, singing, prop and puppet building,dance,etc).


September-November: Auditions (first-come first-serve), rehearsals, costume, prop and set design.


November: Eight Performances of The Community Play.


The Downtown Eastside Community Play will be a celebration of the peoples and their history, their struggles and triumphs. The play will be a place to share the cultures and art forms of all the neighbourhoods that make up Vancouver's downtown eastside: Chinatown, Main and Hastings, Gastown, Hogan's Alley, Luk'luk'i, Strathcona, and Japantown.


The play will be specially written for the community by a team of four artists: James Fagan Tait (Director), Savannah Walling (Artistic Director), Adrienne Wong, and Renae Morrisseau. The writers have been talking to the residents of the community, listening to their stories and concerns, and researching historical events and art forms.


Before rehearsals begin, there will be a variety of play building workshops open to the public. These will range from theatre improvisation to choral singing and shadow puppetry, to mask-making, prop and puppet building, banner, hat, and lantern-making. The DTES Community Play is also working in cooperation with other Carnegie Anniversary outreach projects. These include a Radio Play project airing on Coop Radio for DTES writing groups directed by Jay Hamburger, and a Parade project for Carnegie Anniversary Events directed by Dan Vie.


During rehearsals, up to 150 people from the downtown eastside (most of whom have never acted before) will participate as actors and musicians. There will also be a stage crew of 20-30 local residents. During the rehearsal process, hundreds of people of all ages will work with designer Marina Szijarto (Carnegie’s 2003 Artist in Residence) to help build costumes, props, and sets. There will be eight performances at a downtown eastside location (TBD).


Our aim is that residents will find a space to share their memories and skills, find newly discovered talents, meet new people, learn new things, and share a community experience that bridges the downtown eastside’s historic neighbourhood.


Office & Performance Location

The Japanese Hall
487 Alexander Street
604-216-2767 & 604-216-2768

Contact Information

Terry Hunter

Savannah Walling
Artistic Director

Leith Harris
Outreach Worker

Jodi Smith

Rika Uto

Carnegie Center Arts

& Education Programmer



How to get to The Japanese Hall

The Japanese Hall
487 Alexander Street
604-216-2767 & 604-216-2768

On the bus:

Traveling east on Hastings Street on a #10 Hastings, #16 29th Avenue or #20 Victoria bus, get off at Hastings andJackson. Walk north on Jackson threeblocks to Alexander.

Traveling west on Hastings on a #10 Granville, #16 Arbutus or #20 Downtown bus, get off at Hastings and Jackson. Walk north on Jackson three blocks to Alexander.

Traveling west on Powell Street on a #4 UBC or #7 Dunbar bus get off at Powell and Jackson. Walk one block north on Jackson to Alexander.

Traveling east on Cordova Street on a #4 Powell or #7 Nanaimoget off atCordova and Dunlevy and walk two blocks north on Jackson to Alexander. Then walk one block to the east to the Japanese Hall.