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"This is one of the best books I've ever read."

   Bruce Jackson wrote in about the memories and just good writing that The Heart of the Community stirred up and turned on.  Similar musings have come from scores of people. The book is becoming part of curricula in different departments at the University of British Columbia and it was put into a time capsule commemorating the Carnegie Library building's 100th Anniversary.

   The contents are timeless and queerly time-sensitive at the same time.  Pieces in the Newsletter needing a page or more of context to make reproducing them in this book understandable are generally left out, but the struggles and sorrows / joys and miracles of life in the Downtown Eastside / Earth pour purely from our hearts and souls. 

     It's 'by, for and about the ('bad and dishonest'?) people of the Downtown Eastside'.

 *From New Star Books Fall 2004 catalogue:

"After reading The Heart of the Community, I think every school should have a subscription, not to the Vancouver Province or Sun, but to the Carnegie Newsletter."


Retail is $20. Available through New Star Books in Vancouver and from the Carnegie Newsletter at 401 Main.